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Just looking for the code?
Modsurfer CLI is open-source, checkout the code on GitHub.

Product Overview

  1. System-of-record for all the WASM running in your environment
  2. Debugging / diagnostics tool for reactive incident response or proactive mitigation
  3. CLI for module validation, code complexity, security scanning, linting & quality assurance


Modsurfer provides ops & dev teams with a system of record + diagnostics application to search, browse, and investigate modules.

For developers, SRE, DevOps, and engineering leaders: understand what the WebAssembly in your system is all about. Modsurfer provides critical information about WebAssembly code through a handy GUI, or directly at your fingertips via our CLI.

Use Modsurfer for:

  • at-a-glance insights into WebAssembly module data (code size & complexity, imports/exports & more)
  • search for details about modules (hash, ID, function names, strings, namespaces, errors & more)
  • off-the-shelf System of Record: easily audit and track all the WebAssembly code in your stack
  • debug & triage issues otherwise difficult to pinpoint in opaque WebAssembly format

Modsurfer Desktop Application

The desktop application is free and available to download from Dylibso (COMING SOON! For insider build, email us:, and is a useful debugging, visibility, and diagnostics tool for anyone working with WebAssembly. You can try a demo version before downloading Modsurfer desktop.


The demo is fully in-memory and has no HTTP API - don't rely on storing modules, or try to use it with the Modsurfer CLI.

Download the desktop application if you want module persistence and would like to use the HTTP API.


When you download the Modsurfer Desktop application, you agree to use it for development purposes and local debugging. It is not a production system to be deployed into your cluster. For that, you must purchase the Enterprise version, which is meant to be self-managed within your own infrastructure.

The free version and the Enterprise version share the same features and functionality, so you can safely rely on developing against the same API locally before you upgrade and deploy the Enterprise version.


If you're running WebAssmebly code in production, you may be interested in using the Enterprise version of Modsurfer. Please reach out to us at and we'll be happy to get you more information about licensing and self-managed deployment requirements.